A heat push is a unit of more technical design compared to the electrical heater which explains their higher price. It is more suitable for swimming pools from 40m3 to 150m3. Their performance, called the Efficiency Coefficient (COP), which can achieve 6 in optimum climatic situations, varies based on the external heat and becomes fragile when it’s reduced around 5 ° C.

We are able to, in this instance, challenge a heating system wherever the heat push would be coupled having an electrical heater that could take over at reduced external temperature. The hayward aboveground pool heater, just like the Heat Pump, only wants an electrical present, an arrival and a store of water positioned on the tube back again to the share after the filter.

It has numerous advantages for share heating. It is a process that we can capture the heat of the air and broadcast it to the share water. Their functioning principle is fairly complicated (see heat push technology), but very inexpensive, as it relays 2 to 6 times the vitality it consumes.

The increase in heat of the share is 2 to 5 times with continuous filtration. The unit is mounted by a easy link with the water enterprise and the electrical current. An information or digital process allows you to control the heat of the share more or less. The expense of heat is quite available: 2 euros each day is enough for the heat of a 50 m³ share! The installment is simple. The expense of the unit is fairly large but it is quickly profitable since the price of use is quite low.

Use free power: solar energy. In a vintage solar share heating system, solar collectors are mounted on the ceiling of the home located regional and linked to the share pump. f we analyze the various share heat methods, we realize quickly that the solutions K-star electric heater or Heat push, because of their simplicity of installment and because of their effectiveness, are the absolute most proper in several cases.

The Hayward pool heater is an device designed to heat somewhat little pools, up to approximately 50m3 while, on specific electrical installations, the installation of a power heater, also a few, could be predicted for the heat of the water of a big pool.

Essential: The energy of a Hayward millivolt pool heater will undoubtedly be identified based on the measurement of the share but additionally based on the available energy of the electrical installation.