ITandFactory GmbH (ITF) proudly announces the release of Visio PID Process Designer 2020 (VPID 2020) with a vision to provide an enhanced yet cost-effective, automated and easy-to-use solution for the creation of smart and quick PIDs and PFDs. VPID 2020 is a perfect solution for the Process industry with enhanced functionalities on Visio® based platform and object-oriented technology fused with intelligent and automatic features for improving productivity for Process designers.

According to Ajit Joshi, ITF’s managing director “This year has been a challenging one with various crises for the market, making it more volatile; thus there is a rapid shift in the way of working and pursuit of solutions which can help to deal with the crisis and can assist in performing our work in the same or even better way. In this situation, there occurs a huge need of a solution in the process industry which is an automated, easy to use, one stop intelligent solution and yet cost-competitive. The biggest achievement in this release is the support for Visio’s more affordable platforms like Visio Standard and Visio Online Plan 2.”

The VPID team has analyzed this recent market shift and understood the need of the hour for their users. Thus ITF came up with an upgraded version of Visio PID Process Designer, VPID 2020, with improved efficiencies and flexibility to strengthen their users’ business without compromising on affordability. With a 360-degree customer support approach, ITF has enhanced their helpdesk service to be more user-oriented. ITF also posseses the Silver Partner Status with the Microsoft Partner Network. Visio PID Process Designer has been recognized by Microsoft Partner Community of Visio for their customer service excellence and Microsoft product innovation expertise. ITF’s continued commitment and innovations to deliver the highest quality services to every customer is what helped to win this partnerships.

Hideki Fujieda – Ebara Corporation, Japan
“We were looking for a tool that would simplify and speed up the review and approval of documents such as PIDs. Due to the involvement of several disciplines in the PID design, information was often repeated and duplicated and thus entire documentation took a lot of time,” explains Hideki Fujieda. According to Fujieda, “With VPID we have found a software solution for simplified PID creation and process documentation. All data and information is stored in the database and is accessible to all engineers involved at the various levels.”
“Now we were able to significantly reduce our pain points and the time required to create PIDs. It has an integrated tool for automatic testing, which also helps to reduce manual efforts along with the time consumed for drawings. For these reasons, after the successful implementation of the initial phase, we have now further extended the tool to a larger team,” he added further.

Cutting-edge solutions for the worldwide process industry
According to the managing director, Ajit Joshi, “ITF has achieved 33% year-on-year growth in the last financial year by breaking new grounds and capturing more market share by expanding our footprints in 20+ countries with 64+ esteemed customers worldwide. Now VPID has been acknowledged as one of the best cutting-edge solutions for the process industry by many of our esteemed users.” Joshi added further ” With all such user feedback and reviews, our VPID team is much more enthusiastic to march forward and spread its wings across the globe. We value the continued patronage of our clients and will strive to deliver the industry with best possible solutions and services that can help achieve the best-in-class design engineering for our users.”

Technical Features and Advantages of the new Visio PID Process Designer

– VPID 2020 compatible with all Microsoft Visio Platforms:
VPID 2020 is now compatible with Microsoft Visio Standard 2016/2019, Visio Professional 2016/2019 and Visio Online Plan 2 – thereby reducing the upgradation cost for MS Visio users.

– Automatic and intuitive functions for enhanced productivity:
Tagging systems, Reports generation, Assembly creation, Quality checks (keep checks on errors), Annotations and legend creation for fast, easy and accurate deliverables.

– Robust User Management, Document and Revision Control:
Control and manage the access rights for multiple users at an enterprise level. Also, harness the power of built-in revision management for instant update of any changes or modification for error-free deliverables.

– No-cost user evaluation benefit:
VPID 2020 now offers 7 days no-cost trial period for an in-depth evaluation of the tool.

– 360 Degree customer support:
A dedicated VPID expert assigned to every user, to assist in training, issues and queries ensuring the project success. Also, the user can utilize the interactive user-guide (both detailed documentation and videos tutorials) to avail active assistance.

– Exclusive features:
Features like “List from file” help to define Pipe specifications, process parameters, catalog data, etc. A single click option to export to DWG files and documents into multiple PDFs.

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