Dallas, Texas (webnewswire) July 28, 2020 – A Texas benefits consultant at BenefitCorp has recently released a new educational resource that describes what is captive insurance and how it is different from the typical, fully insured insurance plan. The insurance firm has designed this new article to help business owners understand what sets captive insurance apart and how it uniquely helps to mitigate risk. It has been created to be used as an educational tool and resource for business owners to become informed on this type of insurance.

In the article, BenefitCorp offers some vital information that covers all of the details of captive insurance and what makes it such a viable insurance solution for the business owner. They highlight some specific points including how it works outside of the commercial insurance marketplace as well as how it insures risk for owners. BenefitCorp has a long history of providing insurance plans, workforce solutions, and HR technology, and expertly guides clients through the maze of available benefit options and delivers a comprehensive, integrated solution clients can both understand and afford.

While this new informational resource helps to educate readers on the topic of captive insurance, the company’s website also offers a comprehensive source of information that describes the company’s mission, team, and their complete service offerings. They offer insurance and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) consulting services that are flexible and brand agnostic to streamline any organization’s back office infrastructure.

BenefitCorp offers services including PEO consulting, insurance consulting, retirement plan consulting, and navigating insurance for self-employed individuals.

The consulting group believes in providing a one-source, one-solution approach that streamlines back-office HR, accounting and compliance processes, and gives employees instant access to all of their benefits – typically while saving the employer money at the end of the day. With the addition of this new article, they hope to educate insurance providers on what captive insurance is and what makes it such a unique option compared to mutual insurance plans.

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