Want to move to Canada? Well, it is one of the best decisions that you can make, that’s sure to take your future to great heights. So, now you must be full of excitement, curiosity, certain doubts and queries. Isn’t it? “Am I eligible for Canada Immigration?” is the first question that triggers your mind prior to moving to Canada. There are many other questions such as “What is the Canada Immigration Eligibility?”, “What is the Canada Immigration Process?” that’re sure to hit your mind while planning Canada Immigration 2020. So, get ready to find the answers to all your questions and queries.

How You Can Check Your Canada Immigration Eligibility via the Free Online Assessment Form

Well, the online assessment form is one way as per which you can check your Canada Immigration Eligibility. All you need to do is take your little time and fill the free online assessment form online from any website that you find the best. The form will ask you for you the details about your age, language proficiency, work experience, educational qualification and many more.

Now, if you’ve met all the eligibility, then you can choose any Canada Immigration Program that suits you the best and apply under that.

There are more than 60 immigration programs introduced by the Canadian Government to attract the eyeballs of the skilled workers who wish to work and earn a living in Canada on a permanent basis. Every program has a different Canada Immigration Eligibility and the immigration process. So, you’re required to do a proper homework and choose the fastest and the easiest way for getting Canada PR.

As per the latest news, Canada Express Entry is the fastest and the easiest trackway to get hold of the Canada PR. You just need to meet the eligibility requirements, score maximum points, and you’re all set to fly to the maple country without any fuss.

Given Below is how IRCC evaluate your Profile under the Canada Express Entry System. Have a look!

How the IRCC Reviews if you’ve met all the Canada Immigration Eligibility or not

Canada works on the basis of a point-tested system to provide an easy entry to the skilled workers in the maple leaf country. The easiest and the fastest trackway is the Canada Express Entry System, that was made by the Federal Government in January 2015, as per which your Express Entry Profile is evaluated on the basis of certain parameters such as your age, educational qualification, work experience, language dexterity and many more.

Given below is the Canada Immigration Eligibility under the Canada Express Entry System

To qualify to apply under any of the three economic immigration streams under the Express Entry, all you need to do is score 67 points out of 100, if you want to enter the Express Entry Pool.

Now, if you want to receive an ITA i.e. invitation to apply for the Canada PR, you need to score higher CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System Scores), that in turn will improvise your chances of getting an ITA.

So, if you want to take the trackway of the Express Entry, you need to meet the Canada Immigration Eligibility and follow the Canada Immigration process carefully, so that you can grab the Canada PR without any difficulties.

It’s very essential to follow the immigration process step-by-step as even a single mistake in any of the step can result in visa refusal. You can follow the Canada Immigration process all by yourself, if you’re well aware of how it works.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any idea as how the whole Canada Immigration process works, you can avail the services from the immigration experts.