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Awnic offers one of the lowest car insurance rates 24/7. They also provide a free quote which gives the insurance buyers the ease to decide whether this insurance is viable for them or not. As stated by a spokesperson of Al Wathba National Insurance Company, “Since we know the value of auto insurance, we provide the lowest premiums in the market and also acknowledge the reality that other automobile insurance providers sell policies at a very high premium since of which many customers are unwilling to get covered. But with AWNIC Auto Insurance, a person sitting at home can conveniently use the mobile application to have their vehicle covered at reasonable low rates.”

Nowadays, as auto crashes have escalated and hundreds of thousands of vehicles get into many various kinds of accidents every day, the value of automobile insurance has risen considerably, irrespective of if a individual is sure in his or her driving abilities, car insurance is always important and well required in today’s world and even though his or her vehicle doesn’t get into an accident, it increasing get stolen or destroyed. Therefore, whatever it might be, auto insurance has been a must on the planet today. But it is very challenging to locate an insurance provider that sells standard insurance at reasonable premiums but AWNIC Insurance provides comprehensive auto insurance at competitively low rates.

AWNIC operates the e – quotation enquiry service as well as toll-free mobile enquiry, which makes it easier for customers to purchase policies when living at home. You don’t need to test the insurance buyer’s driving background. Therefore, no matter if the driving past of the insurance customer is decent or bad;they will always get a chance to purchase affordable auto insurance from AWNIC automobile insurance at the lowest available prices.

AWNIC – the best car insurance company in Dubai frequently supports its clients with regards to responsibility for physical harm, personal accident insurance, compensation for collateral damage, crash responsibility, statutory compensation, uninsured coverage of vehicles and uninsured coverage of automobiles. We have already already covered thousands of clients, and nearly all of their consumers are so pleased with their quality and pricing that virtually many of them either have or are willing to upgrade their insurance plans.

About Awnic
Awnic is one of the leading and certified general insurance companies in Dubai. The firm provides a broad variety of affordable and supportive insurance plans that will conveniently satisfy your needs. It has also rendered its expansion possible with its innovative software apps. The business strives to give its consumers outstanding value and exceptional experiences.

Contact Information
Al Wathba National Ins.Bldg, Najda St.
P.O Box: 45154, UAE
Phone: 600 54 40 40