The entire games profit model is built on exploitation

ou are right if it’s true. But I am still doubtful about that. Have you received a clear answer? I’ll try to describe myself better. From the infographics I get while with MFE you receive 100K VC just for the new-gen that with Mamba Forever edition you receive a 100K VC bonus for each stage. Anyhow their statement says”earned and bought VC” will probably be shared across programs. Can we consider the stage specific VC Bonus as”earned or bought”? What if there is a mechanism to create without being able to sustain it for the 26, you spend the entire 100k on the current-gen?

Additionally, I really don’t get – being the specific same price – the two MFEs could differ in a such a big quantity of VC that is comprised, 200k vs 100k. That’s why I fear there’s a trick that is hidden or an error. Someone in the know led me as the nearest thing to official statements to these 2 tweets, they did not want to commit 100% themselves. It talks about but it’s a wallet so that it goes the other way.

The answer seems clear. Nevertheless I can’t quite understand the company significance of selling exactly the same version. Rationally, there should be a downside for buying the one that is current-gen and becoming VC. Is it just the Kobe apparel being available in the last one? I really don’t think it’s enough. I mean, generally nobody utilizes bonus Legend edition stuff anymore. It would also be interesting to understand the 2xREP works. Does it just begin when you first launch myCareer (and likely start NBA single participant )? Would you”unpack” the increase whenever you want? Does it take into account the time invested in multiplayer matches, instead of wandering around the area looking for NBA 2K?

I mean, the big problem with this year’s NBA 2K is that when REP is not likely to be maintained (as it should if 2K did their things straight ), all the online reputation progress will probably be futile and lost after a couple of months (not myPlayer assemble advancement, that is less important as most people currently create and grind several builds). If there’s something really precious in new-gen’s version bonus it could be better than VC which you might probably have already spent on the older version when waiting for the newest one.

After all, what is the point of purchasing NBA 2K in September if all of the standing will be missing, myPlayers will be missing and you are restricting yourself in playing with a 60 OVR for 3 months to conserve VC? I can see no pleasure in it. The answer seems clear, if we assume that their prices are decided by 2K using a sense however there needs to a be a sense in buying the new-gen one less VC.I feel as leave him out or the move should have been to create him the cover athlete on all editions. Seems somewhat exploitative to charge fans 40 or 30 bucks more to get a memorial variation of a video game. That is NBA 2K. The entire games profit model is built on exploitation. In the built to the microtransactions in ads, NBA 2K is designed to wring as much cash from the purchaser as you can. Exploitative only because he and they are making bank from that.

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