The most important thing to remember about gardening with trees and shrubs will be to choose diversity. A variety of trees and shrubs keep you from losing your total landscape should an exotic disease or insect invade. And diversity attracts more wildlife to your grounds than merely planting a couple of species.
Trees and shrubs offer color from flowers, fruits and nuts and shade and wind protection. You can have blooms for the most of the spring and summer and fruits or colorful fall foliage later in the season, without using any perennial or annual flowers. Evergreen trees provide winter color, as well as bark of some trees even provides winter interest.
Trees and shrubs are generally easy to maintain and they lend architectural strength to garden design. The time you have to spend on gardening can also affect the selection of trees and shrubs for your landscape. Some trees and shrubs require frequent trimming and pruning to look their best. Some people enjoy trimming shrubs into exotic designs. If you like the thought, make sure you choose plants that won’t suffer from your efforts.
Trees and shrubs would need proper care and maintenance if you need to get the full benefit of having them in your yard. A well cared for and well maintained tree will be a healthy addition to any home garden. A properly cared for tree will grow faster and healthier. So you should expend every effort that one can in properly taking care of trees in your place. Keep in mind as well that trees are more expensive than other types of plants, so losing one would mean a lot more to you than losing any other type of plant.
You need to get things right when you are planting your tree or your shrub. Keep in mind that it is no small feat to move a plant that is partially grown already so you will need to just be sure you do it right the earliest time. Consider the way that plant will grow and spread when you are placing the plant in position.
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