Kid Talk Counseling offers different Types of Play Therapy for Children

Kid Talk Counseling is a prominent therapy and counseling service practiced in Frisco, TX. They offer effective counseling services to adults and children, who go through a lot of mental stress and social issues. The treatment takes place through tested and result-oriented techniques with highly trained therapists. Various issues such as anxiety, trauma, divorce, depression, and self-esteem problems are treated with specialized techniques. Services like Play therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and Clinical Supervision are assisted by professional and experienced therapists.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is the most widely used practice in order to bring the inner struggles and emotions of the children. Children cannot express their emotions verbally and lose their self-confidence. In order to overcome these problems, children are allowed to play in the presence of therapists to observe their psychological behavior. Playing is the only technique through which the therapist can communicate with the children. There are different types of approaches carried in Play therapy depending on the perspective of the children. Some of them are non-directive, focused, and collaborative play therapy.

Non- Directive Play Therapy

Non-directive play therapy is carried by giving more importance and attention to the child’s ability to select his own choice of play. In this way, the child can able to express his or her inner emotions. This can able to give a solution to boost their self-esteem to overcome their difficulties. The therapist shows care against the child and gets involved emotionally to understand the child’s situation.

Focused Play Therapy

Focused play therapy is more about the medical condition of the children. The therapist according to their medical condition will previously schedule the treatment for the children. In this therapy, the therapist decides the play activities for children and directly involves playing with the child to know their mental condition. The therapist plays a major role in focused play therapy.

Collaborative play therapy

Collaborative play therapy is a practice, where both therapist and child together construct the sessions. The main aim of this therapy is to bring social awareness among the children, who struggle to communicate with the outside world. The session involves narrations, storytelling etc to make the child communicate verbally without any fear. This kind of therapy boots self-esteem and self-confidence among the children.

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Kid Talk Counseling resolves the social and mental problems of the children and adults. They offer efficient counselling services for children and adults to overcome the current emotional issues with the help of professional and trained therapists. To get more information about Play therapy, kindly visit

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