After tasting success with Araku Aroma brand of coffee, its makers Krish Food and Fun (India) Private Limited, has Thursday launched an instant coffee under the brand Arakuccino.

Arakuccino is a blend from the Eastern ghats, which are endowed with rich quality coffee beans. The Arabica beans required are produced by local farmers and they are roasted to get the best flavour.

Arakuccino will have Arabica and chicory in 90-10 proportion and will be in tin packs of 50 gram and 100 gram. This organic coffee will be available online on select e-commerce portals and also at the company’s portal Once the Covid pandemic ends, the instant coffee will also be made available in retail stores, said S Krishna Chaitanya, Founder and CEO, Krish Food and Fun.

“Arakuccino will appeal to coffee lovers. Only beans from Araku Valley are used for this. Arakuccino will be a crown for the Araku valley range of coffees. This is an organic produce and its journey from farm to cup is traceable. The beans are procured by Araku Aroma following a strict quality check process,” said the official of the Hyderabad-headquartered company.

The new instant coffee will be made at the company’s Bengaluru manufacturing unit. The 50-gram tin will be priced Rs 90 and the 100-gram tin will be available for Rs 170.

“The effort is to give the best experience to coffee lovers. The beans are hand-picked and are roasted using traditional methods, ishe said. The contents can be used within two years of manufacturing.

Currently, the manufacturing capacity is 30 tons per month and this will increase shortly with demand. “We use coffee beans that are grown by tribals. The cultivation is 100 percent chemical-free and organic,” said Chaitanya.

“India is a coffee loving nation. For coffee connoisseurs, it is the quality of beans used that converts coffee consumption into an experience. Our organic arabica beans are produced by the local tribes at the highest elevations. Then they are professionally roasted to get the best flavours of the beans to produce Araku coffee,” said Chaitanya.

“Ours is the only company in India and USA which is into cafe shops promoting Araku coffee,” said Chaitanya adding that it has exclusive coffees, Arakuccino and Lovelatte.

The company had last year launched its Araku Aroma cafe with a roastery in Hyderabad. “We were first in the cafe segment with Araku coffee beans in India and the USA,” he said.

“The future of coffee is entwined with the future of coffee farmers. We work to get farmers a fair price and make sure everyone in the community benefits from the coffee industry,” Chaitanya said. The company has 20 outlets across India including in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Orissa, Haryana and Delhi.