When you put up a billboard, the most important point you would consider would probably be the location. To receive maximum bang for your buck, you would probably want the billboard to be located where it will receive maximum number of eye-balls.

These days however, with billboards popping up all over the place, and drivers concentrating more on the vehicle ahead, do they even notice your billboard? Ask yourself how many billboards do you notice?

Now login in to your Facebook account and scroll down a bit. There, an advert right in the middle and you did notice it didn’t you? You noticed it for two reasons; one being that the advert was in the middle of your nose so to speak and the other reason being, at some point in the recent past, you were interested in that or similar product. Am I right?

Now, imagine instead of that product being advertised, it was your product or service that was being advertised. Now you realize the importance of Social Media Virtual Assistant to grow your business.

So, how does this work?

Every website you visit stores something called “cookies” in your computer or cellphone. When you visit social media sites e.g. Facebook, it reads those cookies and therefore knows what stuff you are interested in.

Now assume you recently visited a store that sells wrist watches. If some of these watch brands are advertising on Facebook, the chances are, you will see an advert for watches when you next visit your Facebook account. This is how businesses leverage social media and use social media marketing to grow their business.

The advert is not shown to anyone and everyone. Instead, the advert is “targeted”. It is targeted at folks who have displayed some interest in that or similar product or service. This gives you better value for money because only folks who are interested in that or similar products see the advert. This is why social media marketing is not just the important and preferred way to grow your Business Process Outsourcing, it is a far more effective way to advertise than say putting up an expensive billboard on a busy highway.

Moreover, for the cost of putting up one billboard, you could run an entire year of social media marketing to grow your business.

Could you advertise on your own? Sure, you could but the question is, should you?

You can open the vehicle engine bonnet and put your hand inside. But what next? Only an auto mechanic knows what and how to do whatever needs to be done. Ditto the social media marketing. Visit sites like staffcloud.biz and hire a virtual expert. Get your business on to the social media platform and grow your business.

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