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I am never buying another NBA 2K name again

I’m done. There has been lots of factors that have contributed to this, however, 2K20 is the last straw. Where to Start. 2K20 is a game that is lousy. There is absolutely 0 ability involved with games. You and you take a release that is terrible and a discharge that is perfect, respectively and it doesn’t provide you a animation. Greening shots is literally all chance, seeing as bars exist. Once I green a shooter, I do not feel pride. Relief I was LUCKY enough not to receive a bar. Also, whites go in. How can you get rewarded for getting poor timing? It is disgusting.

What else? Do not get me started paint shield. 100% were reach at by post scorers contested post hooks. Because it’s much better than taking a layup guards run to the pole and paint hook. Slashers hop-step the ass out and place 22 on my mind since it’s an easy feat to leap from 1 side of the paint into the other like I’m Casper the Ghost. Can we talk about animations? Ankle breakers are stupid; the shield in the full match can score on a 2K League lockdown having an breaker.

Contact dunks are even dumber, you run at your own protector and NBA 2K decides to let you score. The truth of the matter is that the most fun items in NBA 2K are stupidly unfair. Either 2K is enjoyable, or it is competitive. 2K18 was modelled after real life more than any 2K and everyone hated it. 2K19 was and enjoyable and people hated it. I can’t do it.

90 percent of my leaves aren’t Green. Its the animation that tells you everything imo. There are a few exploitable facets certain, however for the most part man it’s pretty competitive imo. I’ll have three great games and then I will play with one against someone better who shuts down me and knocks me. I am not angry, some of us are better at NBA 2K/have been enjoying.

In fact if I am being schooled by a person I tend to get to it bc I would like to up my game to the next level and its a challenge. Just like basketball. I saw one of Kobe games courtside, Michael Jordan cited losing as a opportunity to get LBJ has dropped more finals he’s won. Many people though prefer to just call people”crap” at a DM and be biased about how basketball works.

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