Gone are the days when thinking about a dedicated server was synonymous with high infrastructure spending. It is true that this type of dedicated server India still has a greater investment than the shared server, but the costs of installation space, purchase of machines, and IT staff are no longer necessary today.

The truth is that today, any company has the possibility to have a server dedicated to an affordable investment, guaranteeing all the benefits that a hosting like this offers.

For this reason, we have prepared this post, in which we will give you the main information about cheap windows VPS, as well as the biggest advantages that this type of hosting offers.

But, after all, what is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server or cheap windows VPS India is a hosting model – it can be for sites or systems, such as ERP or Business Intelligence (BI) – in which the company guarantees an exclusive server in the data center. This means total customization of your needs, from storage space to processing speed and RAM size.

The main difference between the dedicated server and the shared server is that, in this second option, the hosting of the website is divided among several contractors, which can impact the performance of the server and limit the functioning of the systems or access to the websites at certain times.

And how does the dedicated server work?

In practice, a dedicated server hosting works just like a company’s own data center. That’s because it is able to configure this service the way it wants, according to her needs. As the name implies, this type of server is dedicated to the contracting company, that is, space is not shared with other companies, which guarantees better performance.

Is the dedicated server recommended for my company?

The cheap VPS India is recommended for companies with high-performance demands. This can be for sites with a high volume of visitors or for systems that require high speed and performance. This model is also ideal for those seeking exclusivity in terms of service and infrastructure.

Another point is related to the security of the website, the systems and/or the information contained therein. Companies that need greater protection of their data find a more appropriate solution on the cheap dedicated server. Since the single space protects them from a series of problems that can occur as a result of sharing the hosting environment.