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Building Acquisitions in Alberta is quite common, and if you are in this business you would need a qualified property management team to help you with managing your real estate assets. But it can be very risky for you to depend on a poor service provider. These are some major mistakes that you need to avoid while hiring the best property management agency to help you with it.

Not knowing about the experience

Find out how many buildings it has managed, and is looking after at the moment. You have to choose an agency that has qualified professionals who know about real estate. Ensure that the professional(s) assigned to you knows how to manage your type of property, and how to deal with various aspects of its management. You would need an experienced person to help you all the way.

Not checking the reviews and ratings

Check the company reviews and find out what previous clients have experienced after hiring its services. Were they content with the kind of help that they received? Did they like the fee structure of the property management service in Edmonton agency? You might also ask the agency directly to share with you a few references, to be able to know what the company can do for you and how much it has satisfied its clients.

Not looking at its BBB ratings

You should also check whether the agency has got high ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit agency that looks after consumer interests.

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