One of the quickest ways to give your building a professional look is through window graphics. There are various types of window graphics, and each has its benefits as per your requirements. Check out the most common types of commercial window wraps Chicagowindow wraps Chicago.


First, the standard see-through window wraps Chicago is a great choice for any type of window. You can have it modified to be partially or completely transparent while exhibiting a custom graphic design. It’s great if you want to have your company logo without blocking the view. Also, there is a window film that even has in-built protection.


On the other hand, you could opt for fully opaque, decorative window wraps Chicago. These are great if you are looking for privacy from the outside-in and the inside-out. Decorative window wraps Chicago gives you the opportunity for limitless design possibilities. These types of graphics are durable and resistant to sun exposure, fading, and scratches.


Many consider perforated window graphics as the happy medium between decorative and see-through graphics. This is because the perforated design, which consists of hundreds of little holes spaced evenly across the material, allows natural light in while also maintaining privacy. From the outside, the design on the graphic is easily noticeable, but there is otherwise no way to look through.


Lastly, the frosted glass effect offers a professional look, and you can achieve this look with Window wraps Chicago. Instead of paying extra for etched glass, you can use frosted window graphics to form a unique custom design that will look just right on your business window.

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