In recent times, people have become so busy in their day to day life that they could not find sufficient time to read the newspaper or watch news channels. More often than not, they find it difficult to keep themselves updated regarding various news. However, with the emergence of new technologies and innovations, you can reach out to any news or information in a matter of time. Likewise, the T-Break application answers every need of your news updates with just a click. In this app, you can get a gist of every small or big news in around 40-80 words in both Hindi and English language. Moreover, the news trending on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are also available on the T-Break app. By going to the My Feed section on T-Break, you can choose news from various categories Politics, Sports, Entertainment.

Atul Malikram, the founder of T-Break App, says that “With the tagline Thoda hi Kafi hai, T-Brake aims to keep the general public updated regarding various regional, national and international news in a short time. Its simple user interface gives you a different experience of video, non-video content.”

One of the features of the T-Break app is to present news in a concise form but, if you want to get the whole information, you can just click on the links given there to read the full story provided in around 400 words. On this news app, you can access all kinds of news national, international, sports, entertainment, central-regional activities. Also, you can choose your language according to your convenience in Hindi and English by changing the settings. The app also mentions the source from which the news is taken to help you read the whole news in a single tab. The information available here is taken from renowned and reliable publications and wire agencies, which prevents the reader from getting confused and misinformed.

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