Telm is rapidly growing name when it comes to quality capping and filling machine suppliers. They also manufacture and design machines and offer you packaging solutions in both semi-automatic and automatic operation. They take pride in their products, that they have been striving to perfect since 1972, the year they came into existence. The machines are manufactured for a variety of industries in mind including cosmetics, food and beverages, sanitizer suppliers, pharmaceuticals, chemical and many other industries.

Products offered by Telm-

Semi-Automatic Filling Machines: Telm manufactures semi-automatic filling machines that tender reliability, accuracy, and versatility all at the cost of convenient and simple use. These filling machines let you fill fluids of diverse density into plastic or glass containers with precision. This is made possible due to the machine design which has volumetric piston fillers manufactured in stainless steel AISI316.

This makes it ideal for food, chemical, cosmetic, and para-pharmaceutical industries. The volumetric piston fillers can fill an amount ranging from 1ml to 5600ml which depends on the model type. The semi-automatic fillers have simple and intuitive controls for ease of use and can be conveniently cleaned without the help of special tools since all components can be dismantled due to the clamp fittings.

Semi-Automatic Capping Machines: These Telm semi-automatic capping machines are highly reliable and most importantly a capper for every cap. They are ideal for twist-off caps, press-on caps and pre-threaded plastic caps. Semi-automatic capping machines by Telm are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel for durability and hygiene. It operates with a 6bar pressure and is fitted with a practical double-switch drive.

Linear Machines: These machines are automatic capping and filling lines for distinct liquid products with different viscosities and densities. The linear machines support sturdy or stable containers such as bottles, jars, cans or buckets both large and small. They are manufactured using AISI316 stainless steel which makes it compatible for distinct products such as pharmaceuticals foods, cosmetics etc.

Rotary Machines: These machines are entirely automatic and are ideal for high-speed filling and capping with hardly any human interaction. Highly robust and a design created with efficiency, accuracy and compactness in mind.

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About the Company

Telm is a designing and manufacturing company of automatic and semi-automatic filling and capping machines. Their machine designs are created to be compatible with plastic as well as glass containers while supporting distinct viscosities to incorporate wide range of products. The company has been offering high-quality products since 1972 and is dedicated to provide precision and gain the trust of their consumers. Telm also offers customization of their machines in accordance with their consumer demands.