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If your infant is diagnosed with severe plagiocephaly, scaphocephaly or brachycephaly, you will be looking for options for treatment. When physical therapy and repositioning aren’t working, it may be time for orthotic helmets and bands. There are professional resources available to you to make the process easier.

When your doctor recommends using an orthotic device, you will find many options available. This is good news because only decades ago, options were quite limited.

Remember, helmets and bands work similarly. Although some like to debate the differences between active and passive orthotic equipment, the difference between the two is small. Outcomes rarely differ in outcome. The main difference is that active devices are tighter in fit.

To buy helmets for infants with misshapen heads or flat heads, you can turn to the Short Hills Cranial Center for guidance. They are a direct source for cranial helmets for infants in New York.

The treatment often lasts between two and four months. Prices range product to product. Children may need more than one device, based on the severity of their condition and the type of helmet or band suggested for the therapy.

Various designs are available to accommodate skull growth and can be adjusted as the baby ages (while others must be replaced as the cranium develops over time). When the baby gets a cranial helmet, they need to visit a clinic for adjustments every couple of weeks.

Every parent searching for help should consider a consultation with an orthotic provider before moving ahead with treatment. This will help you get advice on equipment, treatment methods, costs, and more.

When you are on the hunt for baby medical helmets in New York, you should consider the Short Hills Cranial Center.

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