Most websites these days are active on social media. Being active means regularly posting new content, and doing your best to engage with followers. The problem is that most people follow hundreds of accounts, which makes getting users to actually engage difficult.

One solution to that problem is not to focus all of your efforts on social media, and to instead build a community of your own. With a membership website, you control every aspect of the user experience. Moreover, you can use it to foster discussion about your products and services.

In this article, we’ll go over three key advantages that membership sites have over social media platforms. Let’s jump in!

Advantages of Membership Websites Over Social Media Platforms
There’s a time and a place for using social media to promote your business. However, it shouldn’t be the only channel you rely on, and that’s where a membership site comes in. Let’s look at three benefits of creating this type of dedicated community.

1. You Don’t Need to Rely on a Third-Party Platform

Billions of people use social media platforms every day. You’re almost certainly familiar with the big names, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but there are also a lot of smaller regional and niche platforms.
Here’s the problem — every one of those platforms requires you to abide by a different rule set. Moreover, they each tend to specialize in very different types of content. If you want to engage users on Instagram, it’s all about visuals, whereas Facebook is more friendly for text-heavy content.

The result is that running popular accounts on multiple social media platforms is essentially a full-time job. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are hiring social media managers just to keep up.

With a membership website that you own, there’s no one else setting the rules. You control every aspect of the platform, including which functionality you want, who to let in, what kind of content is allowed, and more.

2. You Get Access to More Avenues for Monetization

If you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort managing a social media presence for your business, it should help you drive profits. The issue is that with social media, monetization options can be few and far between.
What you can do is to use social media to help you find and drive leads to your website. Plus, with a membership site you’ll get access to a whole host of monetization options, including:

• Offering subscriptions
• Requiring one-time payments for access
• Displaying ads for other websites
• Selling digital products

The main takeaway is that when you get users to visit a website you own, you have a lot more freedom about how to monetize that traffic.

3. You Can Build a Much More Close Community

Right now, you probably follow hundreds of people and businesses on social media, spread out across multiple platforms. Social media is a fantastic tool for communication, but it’s less useful if you want to nurture a close-knit community.

Traditional social media feeds are designed to drown you in updates. You never cease to get stimuli from different sources, which means you’re not going to feel like you’re part of a single group.

Membership websites such as forums are the complete opposite. Discussions might not be as fast-paced, but you get to have long, interesting conversations with other users who are interested in the same things as you are.

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