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CSE, CS, or Clinical Services examination is one of the exams that was previously known as USMLE. It is important to go through some tutoring process to perform better and that is what we at CSE Review are focusing on.
In this blog, we will look at the benefits and importance of step 2 CS 1 on 1 tutoring.
There are many medical doctors from foreign who participate in our step 2 CS course have gained a lot of individualized tutoring outside of the establishment. Such specialized training enables for a more in-depth understanding into your communication skills and conduction ability in regards to the interview in 15 minutes.
The main focus of the 1-on-1 tutoring sessions that will center on your ability to interview a standard patient with multiple recorded and timed interviews conducted by you and the student! The setting will be as such that the skills will be challenged, critiqued, and analyzed.
With that, step 2 CS 1 on 1 tutoring place emphasis on dissection of accent, improving your intonation, and perfecting the pronunciation of your spoken English.
Overall, the step 2 CS of the USMLE measures the ability of examinees to apply medical knowledge skills, and understanding of clinical science essential for the provision of patient care under supervision, and includes emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention.
Moreover, the tutoring ensures that required attention is devoted to the principles of clinical sciences and basic patient-centered skills providing the foundation for a safe and effective, yet efficient practice of medicine.
If you want to take Step 2 CS 1 on 1 Tutoring, then visit our official website for more information!