A varicocele (varicose testicle) describes a varicose vein rupture in the scrotum. More precisely, it is a varicose vein in the vein network formed by the testes and epididymis on the spermatic cord (plexus pampiniformis). Mostly the varicocele (https://varicocele-treatment.com/) is in one of the left testicular veins. This is why testicular varicose veins are on the left side in about 80-90% of all cases. The veins that are supposed to lead the blood from the testes back to the heart are impaired and can no longer drain the blood properly. The varicose vein in the testicle causes a venous drainage disorder, which can lead to overheating of the affected testicle. Overheating the testicles can lead to impaired fertility or testosterone levels. Find out more about varicocele testosterone (https://varicocele-treatment.com/varicocele-testosterone) on our website.

An inherited or self-acquired condition of the body can lead to blood congestion in the left testicular vein. If the congestion is not cleared by mechanical changes in the body position or by lying down in time on the first appearance of an uncomfortable feeling (strong stinging) in the scrotum, this can lead to the formation of a varicocele (varicose vein in the testicles).

Men who suffer from a varicose vein in their testicles often know too little about possible treatment options and preventive measures. It is important to take the right measures at an early stage to prevent further development of the testicular varicose veins. With progression of varicocele grade the issue varicocele feritlity (https://varicocele-treatment.com/varicocele-fertility) becomes more relevant and more difficult to counteract. To date, urologists are not in agreement whether a clinically manifest (subclinical) varicocele alone can be the cause of impaired male fertility (infertility).

Varicocele Treatment – 1st option
To anticipate it, we would like to introduce you to the first option of varicocele treatment, which we personally would not recommend to anyone having a varicocele. The first option is: DO NOTHING! A big mistake that M. E. Gonzales (Author of the Varicocele Treatment Guide) made himself. For a long time he was simply not doing anything. His urologist calmly told him that it is “just a varicocele” and he should watch it. What could he do about it? No further informations. A mistake not to inform yourself right away. If adult men take no countermeasures and believe that the varicocele would disappear on its own with a little luck, unfortunately they are wrong.

Varicocele Treatment – 2nd option
The second option for varicocele treatment is natural treatment with risk-free methods and herbal medicine. Based on his own experience, M. E. Gonzales highly recommends this option. The natural treatment methods, like wearing the right varicocele underwear (https://varicocele-treatment.com/varicocele-underwear) support the body and varicocele in regeneration and healing from the inside. In a total of 12+1 chapters he has prepared his highly condensed knowledge for you in a compact and clear manner. With a total of more than 100 exclusive tips, his guide offers step-by-step instructions to treat varicocele in a targeted manner. Plus: In case you are suffering from varicocele grade 3, which honestly is pretty hard to treat fully with only natural treatment mehtods, we will provide A+ varicocele surgery preparation and aftercare blueprint in an extra chapter at the end of the guide. If you have any personal questions or want a individual treatment strategy proposal, please contact us through our website.

Varicocele Treatment – 3rd option
The third option for varicocele treatment is varicocele surgery / sclerotherapy / embolization. This can lead to the desired success faster than natural treatment and lead to pregnancy (most common reason for varicocele surgery), but unfortunately does not guarantee this and at the same time carries small risks for the testicles of man. For example surgery can lead to injuries in the testicle area or to persistent atrophy of the testicle in question, even after a successful operation. The latter can be avoided by ideal preparation for varicocele surgery (https://varicocele-treatment.com/varicocele-surgery) / varicocele sclerotherapy. An ideal preparation for varicocele embolization (occlusion) can only be achieved by prior natural treatment. This is why we generally recommend natural treatment (second option) in the first place before even thinking about going unprepared to a surgery room.

If you want to learn more about varicocele treatment in a safe and simple way you will find all information that you will need for successful varicocele treatment in the Varicocele Guide (https://varicocele-treatment.com/varicocele-guide).

If you have any questions on your individual case, feel free to contact us at any time.

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