Post Top Lights Outdoor 50W 6,500 Lumens 5000K Ip65 130Lm/W,Only LED can be called the real energy-saving light source!Advantage , strong and durableThe LED chip is completely encapsulated in an epoxy resin,The compact epoxy resin particles are extremely difficult to break, and there is no loose part of the lamp body;The inside chip is extremely difficult to break, and has little thermal effect and may evaporate and fuse.These features make leds hard to damage.Compared with ordinary light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, leds are solid, numerous times stronger and more durable.Long service life of LED lampUnder the right current and voltage, the service life of the LED lamp can reach 100,000 hours, that is, the theoretical life of the product can reach more than 10 years, compared with other types of lamps have a longer service life.Safe low voltage The LED lamp USES a low-voltage dc power supply (which can be rectified from ac to dc), which varies from product to product.