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Social distancing measures are obviously impossible while getting a haircut or spa service. However, the industry has imposed new measures in order to help salons and customers feel safe during the pandemic. Let’s see how beauty salons in Miami will welcome clients during this period:

Social distancing – why is it important?

Social distancing quickly became a buzzword during this period, and it will definitely stay for at least several years. But what is it and why is it important? Physical distancing is necessary because it limits the spread of the new coronavirus. The micro-droplets we eliminate through talking, coughing, or exhaling is the primary way of spreading the virus, so maintaining the distance between people is crucial. Recent data suggests that people should maintain a minimum distance of at least 6 feet from others, whenever possible. Every person should have at least an area of 40 square feet in order to maintain social distancing.

Making sure you respect social distancing

– beauty salons should calculate their area and divide it by 40; for instance, a North Miami beauty salon covering 1,000 square feet should not have more than 25 people inside at any given time (1,000 divided by 40 is 25);

– in order to maintain a distance of 6 feet between each person, you should adjust the layout of the salon, if possible; the clients should be placed at least 6 feet apart both in the waiting area and in the working area; beauty salons will also use wall or floor markings depicting the social distancing measures;

– both these measures must be implemented at the same time (the area and the distance requirement);

The exceptions

Given the nature of the work, beauty salons in Miami cannot respect social distancing, especially while the hairdresser or the barber works with the client. Many services offered by beauty salons require close contact with clients – tattoo parlors, body piercing, skin clinics, cosmetic treatments, hairdressers, day spas, and barbershops. Obviously, working in close contact with multiple clients every day increases the risk of spreading the virus, but several safety measures can be implemented.

For instance, control measures will be imposed in all beauty salons across Florida, such as:

– the number of people in a closed space must be minimized; the access to the workplace must be limited to workers and clients; the waiting area will be open only for clients;

– clients will have to make appointments and will only be allowed in during that time period; no walk-ins will be allowed; the appointments will be made in order to minimize the number of people inside;

– work tasks that can be done in other areas of the salon are recommended (for instance, if the North Miami beauty salon has a special room for cutting hair and a special room for dyeing hair);

– larger salons will have to divide the worker teams in order to minimize interaction

– every worker has to have personal protective equipment

The type of personal protective equipment needed

All beauty salons in Florida will have to provide personal protective equipment for their workers. Gloves and masks, as well as face shields, will have to be used by salon workers, particularly for the ones who are in close contact with clients. Workers must also be trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment. They also must be aware of the risks that can arise as a result of workers wearing and using personal protective equipment.

Providing services to a client

Maintaining social distancing in a beauty salon in Miami is close to impossible, especially when working with a client. However, there are some rules that can be implemented even if social distancing is not possible. Here’s a short guide:

– the length of the appointments and their frequency should be reduced, if possible; consider splitting services in multiple appointments in order to reduce exposure;

– workers should work with a client in a secluded room or area, if possible; teams should be split up in order to reduce overcrowding; products and tools should not be shared;

– each worker should be allocated to a client; swapping or using assistants is not recommended;

– refreshments can be provided to clients, but they have to be available in disposable cups or receptacles;

– beauty salons are advised to put any loaned towels or dressing gowns in a closed laundry box; each client should have a separate laundry box in order to avoid contamination;

Worker and client interactions during the pandemic

Beauty salons in Miami will have to ensure that there is a 40 square feet area for each person. In order to achieve this, beauty salons are advised to:

– provide extra time between appointments; clients should not overlap in order to prevent overcrowding; if clients do overlap, they should wait outside;

– signage should advise clients about the new requirements and the maximum number of people allowed inside;

– as previously mentioned, walk-in service should be canceled;

– limit the number of clients in the waiting area and limit the waiting times; try to make precise appointments and follow a strict work schedule;

– clients should not bring friends or family to appointments; only clients will be allowed in the beauty salon; everyone else must wait outside; if this is not possible (for elderly or disabled clients), make sure you respect social distancing rules;

– contact clients and inform them whether their appointments have to be canceled (appointments are late or there are too many clients on the premises);

– reduce the number of clients that can go to the spa at any given time;

The layout of the workplace

North Miami beauty salons may need to redesign the layout of the workplace in order to meet social distancing measures. Here’s what to expect:

– specific pathways for workers and clients may be created, if possible;

– client stations must be spaced out; the same is applicable in the waiting areas;

– floor and wall signage should be used to identify the 6 feet social distancing measure;

– doors and windows should be kept open, if possible;

– ventilation should be adequate; consult with your HVAC specialist and clean the air conditioning filters regularly.

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