St. Louis MO, July 26, 2020 — fyrst gen, a digital platform enriching the first generation experience, is on a mission to challenge how we think about the first generation identity. The platform delivers resources and stories relevant to the first generation identity to empower them to navigate the unwritten rules of academia and the workplace.

Although a third of all college students are first generation and there are millions of professionals who are the first to engage with the professional workplace, there are not frequent conversations around this identity.

In a push to circulate empowering stories about first generation college students, professionals, and wealth builders, fyrst gen invites anyone who fits the first gen identity to share their story, promote their business, and build their personal brand.

“As a first generation college grad and professional who immigrated to the US, I struggled to find stories similar to mine. We hear about first gens like Elon Musk and Michelle Obama who are changing their respective industries; and we hear narratives about first generation Americans and wealth-builders taking opportunities from everyone else,” noted Fridaouss Nabine, fyrst gen founder. “The lack of visibility around this identity means we’re not addressing the issues they face, like lower college graduation rates, and 80% lower earning potential for those who do graduate. We need representation on how first gens who are climbing the ladder of success like everyone else in the media; we need their voices to help shape that narrative; and we need resources to close the earning gap between first gens and non-first gens. I plan on accomplishing all three with the fyrst gen platform.”

The platform, launched on July 15th, is quickly gaining momentum among first generation individuals diving into resources and sharing stories, and organizations looking to be featured on the site. For first generation college students, professionals and wealth-builders looking to share their stories, visit: