The designer faucets industry is a highly specialized niche. There are many leading players in this industry and BWE is one of the most significant brands in this field.

BWE boasts of its exclusive range of designer faucets including bathroom sink faucets, kitchen faucets, vessel sink faucets, shower faucets and a complete range of accessories for designer faucets. The company is emerging as a one-stop shop for all types of designer faucets and accessories.

Given the fact the company had very humble beginnings, it is today enjoying an unbelievable growth with its operations in China and California. The company had to weather stiff competition in the industry with many other leading and well-established brands. If it were not to be for its innovative designs and unmatched quality, it would not have been possible for BWE to enjoy the status that it is enjoying today.

According to its corporate website, BWE draws its design inspirations from “Natural Waterfall, International Chess, Aladdin’s Lamp, Kerosene Lamp, Roman Column, etc.” Every single design from this company is unique and they certainly standout without a grain of doubt. Whether one is looking for bathroom sink faucets or kitchen faucets, the company offers something interesting for everyone.

BWE has positioned itself as an OEM / ODM manufacturer. This allows other companies to brand BWE products and sell them as their own brands. BWE on its part assures top-notch quality and unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction. All the designer faucets manufactured by this company are very carefully tested. Only the faucets that pass the stringent quality tests get to the dispatch desk. All the issues are carefully captured during the several rounds of quality checks the faucets go through before they are ready for shipping.

BWE has its own full-fledged manufacturing facility. The company takes care of everything from product design to manufacturing. No aspect of the manufacturing process is outsourced. This enables the company to give complete assurance on the product quality.

The young BWE team is highly enthusiastic about launching new designs. All the designs from this company receive exceptional response because all the designs are unique. They have a premium look and speak out for themselves for their top-notch quality. There aren’t many brands in the industry today to compete with the quality standards and the design standards maintained by BWE.

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