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When you want or plan to increase the sales and football of your business in the USA, there is the right platform to do so. Yes, we are talking about getting list your business for free. To achieve this task, the backend team of Afrikagora helped us. They were genuine enough to give information about their website.

One of the developers of Afrikagora said, “We know that the USA has a lot more potential for star-ups than ever, especially people are losing their jobs during the pandemic. Not only businesses but people can also list their favorite events on our free business and event listing website. We have kept the steps to be fairly simple for our visitors, be it the seekers or the posters.”

We checked the website, and it loaded quite fast. Then the buttons to register were easily available on the site. To give us more information on the registration steps, the zonal manager for Afrikagora fed us the right information.

She said, “Anyone can make an ID on our website. You would need to put in your credentials like an email ID. You will get the notification for the successful verification of the account opening. Afterward, you can start posting the business listings or any events that you know about. This could be your business and even or someone’s else’s whom you know.”

“We have kept a lot of options for business owners on our site. Either they can click the ‘add business’ or ‘add a listing’ option. You can find that option when you click on the business menu bar and wait for the page to load. Otherwise, we have another option that is dedicated to classified ads. However, those ads might be paid. For that, you need to consult the customer care executives that are working for us.” The marketing department head said.

“I am sure most of the staff members have explained how to get list your event for free. However, we have strong web developers’ and customer care executives’ teams working hard and smart to make the user experience easier for you. Whenever you feel that you do not understand anything, you can easily reach us using the contact number given on the website. Your free consultation can be done easily on call to get your business or event listed as soon as possible.” One of the senior officials of Afrikagora said.


This press release is published to inform our dear readers about the latest ways to get their businesses and events listed for free on the USA’s most prominent searching website.

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Phone No.: 1 888.606.0913