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HANGZHOU AODI ELECTRONIC CONTROL CO.LTD welcomes all to visiting our company to negotiate the cooperation.

We understand dirty construction sites and worst habits of charging pose a drastic challenge that HANGZHOU AODI ELECTRONIC CONTROL CO.LTD is ready to meet with all your queries of 24V Charger, Scissor Lift Charger and Boom Lift Charger. We consider all series of chargers and batteries, common breakage factors and other charging issues that can elastic other different batteries and chargers mechanism. Charges manufactured by us can be easily integrate and compiled with many of the accesses platform products.

We are highly commercialized with more than hundred charger manufacturing companies for different lead brands of chargers and batteries. These industries are extensively connected with the company’s battery solutions hub and other electric equipments. And therefore, they sell to the perspective customers. Our Boom Lift Chargers & 24 Volt chargers are duly loaded with multiple charging assessment profiles to provide accurate flexibility.

To our perspective clients, we guarantee the following:
1. All the products are supplied in good condition with proper maintenance and repair done
2. Only original chargers have been manufactured by us
3. The Chargers have not been used for shot create works

Our products and charging services are revealed all over the world and is uniquely positioned in china to provide fast and reliable services as per client’s requirements. We provide equipment for all charging spots and therefore, also provide operators to all our customers who need to operate this equipment safety.

We are here to meet all your charging solutions at the best possible price. We are the industry leader providing 24V Charger solutions that improve the performance and reliability of electronic equipments. Recently, we become the supplier of charger choice to many of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric equipments of 24V Charger, Scissor Lift Charger, and, Boom Lift Charger.

Contact Us:

Company Name: Hangzhou Aodi Electronic Control Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Jenny
Country/Region: China
Street Address: No.1280 Xincheng Rd,Xiaoshan District
City: Hangzhou
State: Zhejiang
Postal Code: 311210
Phone No: 13666693818