He was suffering from hepatitis B related chronic liver disease, condition was deteriorating day by day

It was an ordeal for Sudan citizen 45-years –old Osama Ali who first faced life-threatening liver failure and underwent a successful liver transplant in New Delhi and then got stranded in India due to COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown. Fully recovered after a month post-transplant at Manipal Hospitals, New Delhi, the patient along with his donor son and father has been desperately waiting to return to his home in Khartoum (Sudan) where his other family members are very eager to see a normal and healthy Ali.

Manipal Hospitals New Delhi gave a new lease of life to Ali just two weeks before the lockdown began. He was suffering from hepatitis B related chronic liver disease and the condition was deteriorating day by day. His friend Aziz advised him to go to India and get treated. He was admitted at Manipal Hospitals, New Delhi and a team of surgeons under the guidance of Dr Shailendra Lalwani, Head, Department of Liver Transplant and Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary Surgery,

“Ali’s liver was deteriorating very fast and only a transplant could have saved his life. After examination and several tests, we found a suitable donor in his 23-years-old son. We performed high-end transplant surgery and the patient responded well. After 15 days on March 15, we discharged him with advice to stay in Delhi for one month to follow up check-up and care. We never knew another ordeal awaits him in the form of lockdown and closure of international flights from India and Sudan both. However, it is encouraging for us to see him healthy and normal,” said Dr Lalwani.