Grand Master Akshar
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The mind which is constantly abuzz with thoughts and incessant chatter can hardly be useful equipment. If we wish to become successful at anything we need to build focus and concentrate on the task and goal at hand. Yoga is the tool that can help us to develop focus and clarity of mind. Yoga slowly and steadily builds a connection between you and your breath through its various practices of meditation and pranayama. Learning to observe your breath brings stillness and a sense of calmness within your body, and mind. This gives you power over any situation allowing you to choose how you respond instead of the situation overpowering you. Yoga lets you become the controller of your emotions leading to a calmer and more focussed you.
Tratak on Flame
What you need
• A comfortable mat to sit on
• A diya (or lamp) made of mud
• Ghee or oil
• Cotton wick
• Match sticks
• Stool or desk
• Prepare the diya by first placing a wick on the diya and then add ghee or oil from top
• Light the diya and place it on the desk or stool
• Ensure that the flame is pointing towards you and is at eye-level, i.e., the flame should be in line with your eyes
• Begin by sitting around 4 to 5 feet away from the flame. The distance varies according to your height. Neither should you sit too far nor too near.
• Ensure that your neck is not strained while you look at the flame
• Sit in any comfortable posture (preferably Sukhasana or Padmasana)
• Elongate your spine and place your palms on your knees facing up
• Join your index and thumb finger and hold Gyaan Mudra
• Draw your gaze to the flame and direct all of your attention to it
• Observe how the tip of the flame moves
• Try not to blink as much as possible
• If you catch your thoughts wandering, bring them back to focus on the flame
• After your practice, close your eyes for a while and release the strain from your eyes if there is any.
Disha/direction: Face towards East
• Improves concentration
• Clears mind of unwanted thoughts
• Induces positive thoughts
• Brings your mind to the present and makes you more aware
• Reduces stress
• Calms mind
Duration: A beginner should practice for a minimum of five minutes a day. The duration should gradually increase as the capacity to focus develops. There is no maximum limit to the duration of practice. The more you practice, the more you will benefit.
All mindfulness techniques are a form of meditation. When we are anchored to the present moment, we become more capable of being able to engage ourselves completely in whatever we are doing in that moment. Without distractions, you have greater momentum to find your purpose or to achieve your goal. Mindfulness, and awareness meditation develops your power of observation, so you can learn to introspect with an evolved perspective, and witness the workings of the mind. A fitter mind also translates into greater clarity, focus, and smarter decision-making.