Are you looking for awesome membership site statistics? You’re in luck! Because we’ve combed the internet to find insights about membership businesses.

It’s easy to start a membership site with an awesome membership plugin like Paid Memberships Pro. You’d create one with even more confidence if you had a handy list of membership statistics to show you what’s happening in the membership economy today.

Statistics based on three common and popular types of memberships:

1. Learning Management Systems
2. Association Memberships
3. Subscription Sites
4. Learning Management Systems

People and businesses use Learning Management Systems (LMS) to create and host their educational content. It’s essential to use the right platform so that you can offer features that support learning.

You need plugins that enable course progress tracking, quizzes, deadlines, assignment submissions and a lot more. There are a large number of LMS vendors in operation today, and choosing the right one will be challenging.

For those who use WordPress, here’s a comparison of LMS plugins to help you choose one that’s right for you.

Association Memberships

Association memberships are typically smaller organizations that serve the interest of a profession or trade. Associations are also related to charity and philanthropic works.

Associations are built to develop and share knowledge and best practices and to help their members’ networks. They also support their members and advocate for their interests. This type of organization does not cater to general consumers; their needs are unique, and each association may have its own specific culture based on the industry they’re in.

Subscription Memberships

Subscription-based businesses are growing in number. It’s the primary way that businesses and individuals can make a recurring income online.
Let’s jump right in and look at some important subscription model statistics. They’ll provide the most relevant insights you need to understand why the subscription economy is going to become the norm in the future.

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