replica women Jimmy Choo flats slipper – A presentation that I can’t wait to see every time at Milan Fashion Week. This time it was special, but the new brand logo was revealed. Soft, glamorous and edgy at the same time. The collection presented consists of a trendy and sporty collection, a daily chic girl and a glam nightwear collection. Everything is just as exceptional, but let’s take a closer look!

All elegant and chic shoes and bags are branded with new logos. Soft colors with neutral shades are perfect for the coming autumn. cheap Jimmy Choo I was particularly fascinated by the very retro and chic shoes and boots with a square toe. Decorated boots, a masterpiece in all outfits. The bag is beautiful and the new logo breathes really fresh air.

It’s a little sportier, but not trendy at all. Sneaker characterized by a thick sole and a little glitter. Although not as crazy as the other athletes’ trends we’ve seen, these kicks are still very fashionable and feminine and are very suitable for replica women Jimmy Choo flats . I love the orange and brown shades used and I can definitely see them in dresses, cute dresses and denim.