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PCB is the heart of all electronics now a day. The combinations of the components and the writing mechanisms determine its basic function. In the earlier days they were not so complex, but today they are much more complex and flexible. Multilayer PCB is being used in maximum of the electronic products. It is because of its small size and high quality. In addition, this also has the advantage of increased durability and enhanced flexibility. They are mainly implemented on all kinds of computer electronics and consumer electronics. Although its use in the industrial sector and the telecommunications has grown to a much larger extent as they have started using electronic equipment. Now it comes to assemble these PCBs i.e. connecting the electronic components with the wirings of the PCB. It has been a difficult task often.

Our company JID PCB GROUP is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of PCB across the world. Innovation is our policy. We implement the most latest and innovative technology in our products. Our products are surely designed with superior quality and high durability. If you want to acquire and analyze fast electronic signals in real time without any interruption, our product is the best solution for you. Our products allow your acquisition system to operate on 24*7 basis. They also ensure negligible failure rate to our customers.

Our company has been manufacturing and assembling the PCBs from the past. With the motive of enhancing our industries we have successfully developed an Automatic PCB Assemble Factory that does the assembling of PCBs. Besides, we stand as one of the leading Data Acquisition Cards Assemble Manufacturer and China PCB Assemble Manufacturer. Our products are perfectly designed for the demanding applications. We offer our products at the most affordable price. This enables us to build a global network and enhance our business.

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