All Excellent Apps introduces GPS Map Polaroid camera: Add geotag & timestamp – An App that will give you polaroid camera style poly square photos along with hashtags.

GPS Map Polaroid camera: Add geotag & timestamp Lets You To Add Cool Frame, Date Timestamp, Location stamp, GPS Map, and Hashtags on the picture which is taken by mobile phone.

SURAT, INDIA- 24 July 2020; All Excellent Apps company specializing in developing apps for android and ios devices, announced that people of nowadays mostly using their smartphones, especially for photography and GPS navigates. After creating these types of apps, this company decided to merge both features in an app so that they developed this app.

Also, we don’t have to forget our past like how people use their old cameras to take pictures. So the developers add Polaroid-style frames in this app so that we can get pictures like the old days. With this app, we can put date timestamp, Location Stamp, GPS Map, and Hashtags in the polaroid frame.

All different features as per trends of the ‘90s and trends running in the present in this app. CEO and Founder Of All Excellent apps Mr. Chirag Gabani said “ After using this application you will be able to revive your old days. ”

Features in Application:

Polaroid Camera – to click square size photos
Cool Frames – for designed and colorful background
Date Timestamp – To get current Datetime on Photo
Location Stamp – to mention location on photo
GPS Map – In Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid types
Hashtags – To get relatable hashtags on the photo itself.

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