Which is the most relaxing space in your life? Most of us would answer it as, home!

Yes, of course, home is the place everyone wants to come and relax after a mundane and tiring day. It is proved scientifically that the place where we live in not only gives us a positive environment, but it also keeps our mental health in check. The makeover of a home can be easy if we do it the right way.

It would be best if you had options to select suiting your style, environment and taste preferences of your family members. Story@home has stylish home furnishing products which will help you in making the right choices. Buy home décor products, including bedsheets, towels, window curtains online, etc.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Home is the place that reflects the personality of members living in the house. You can come up with creative and unique ways to design your house. There are home décor products like spiritual idols, artefacts, antique accessories, wall paintings, flower and marvel vases, which can beautify your home.

Replace or rearrange furniture

Sofas, bed sets or chairs and tables are the center of attention of your house. Whenever a guest visits your home, he/she will undoubtedly talk about your furniture. Hence, it is your choice whether you want criticism or praise. Either paint your furniture or replace it, just ensure it looks new and shiny all the time.

Coordinate tables and chairs

Talking about the furniture, it involves our dining space, study rooms or living area. Ensure that you have matching chairs around the table. Also, it should be placed with adequate space as you would not want yourself struggling with getting in and out of the area.

Elegant curtains

Whenever we talk about decorating a room, curtains are often the last thing on your mind. But curtains get the prolific effect in the room which makes it an essential element of the home. Without window curtains, your space can look bare, naked and unfinished. Curtains should be selected complimenting with the interior of the room and the size of the area. We understand that you are juggling with your work-life situation and aren’t getting time. Well, keeping suitable factors in mind, buy window curtains online.

Carpets and doormats aligned

Curtains highlight your windows and doors, while rugs or doormats serves the dual purpose of amplifying your floor and sheds all the dirt away, restraining it before entering the house.

Style your bookshelf

Knowledge shapes your living style as it enlightens your mind, which makes you work for a pleasant environment. Are you a bookworm who is figuring out ways to store its abundant collection of books? You can arrange books from shortest to tallest in a well-placed bookshelf. A disorganised bookshelf can make a room look dull.

Every individual has its own perspective right from selecting shades of walls to placing artefacts at an appropriate place. Shop all the elements that can beautify and amplify your home.

At Story@home, you will get comfortable, innovative and affordable home furnishing products. We believe that every home has a story, and we live up to create beautiful stories for your home.

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