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SMHV Series high-voltage switching power supply is unique. There are new versions of this device all the time. Getting used to the changes, and working with the best ones, will always be sort of a big deal around these parts. That’s why you should look into procuring high-voltage switching power supply now. HVM Technology has you covered for that with its all-new SMHV Series.

This series residesin the family of sub-miniature based single output. These are completely regulated DC-to-DC converters, which will supply up to 10kV at 1W in around 0.434 cubic inches. These converters (or switching power supplies) are perfect for applications that call for smaller, convenient, and high-performing converters. The perfect ultra-compact patent design from HVM Technology will minimize operational noise (without degrading the maximum performance and reliability of the items).

These devices will operate directly from 5VDC ± 0.5VDC input. Even the output voltage remains independent of the current input power voltage. It remains proportional to the current programming voltage. It even features excellent linearity. The current and voltage monitor output will offer users proper operational information for maximizing control of the high-voltage switching power supply.

This current series will have some of the added features like current monitor outputs, voltage and current limit controlling input. This series is known for its high-end stability over a wider operating temperature range. Nowadays, these converters (or voltage switching power supplies) are available with alternate output voltages. It is recommended to consult the sales team for detailed information about these items.

This company specializes in high-voltage DC-to-DC converters, which are tested under stringent guidelines. The main goal of converters is to help manufacturing units get premium quality power in smaller electronic devices. To learn more about the items and all they can do, visit now.

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