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Losing a precious item can be really heartbreaking. And, if a loved one goes missing it can make your life empty. You look for various ways, try to approach a lot of people, file reports, and so on, to find the lost thing or person. The process is full of hassles and takes a lot of your time and effort.

If you’ve been struggling to locate a lost item, it can be done in an easy manner by using LOSTIFY.

A global platform making it easier to find whatever you’ve lost, Lostify is an ultimate solution for lost and found things. This website is changing the landscape of lost & found by making it easy for users to search for both missing persons and possessions with image indexing.

From missing persons to documents to mobile phones to machinery to cars, plus more, you can report and find all such items with the help of Lostify. Also, it is available for big organizations like airports, schools, communities, etc.

Lostify is a perfect lost and found website, and the best part is it is free for everyone. With Lostify’s Image indexing AI, users can conduct both image and full-text search for missing possessions for free!

Sign Up now, and make the lost and found process hassle-free!