Did you know that the number of insects living on the planet are greater than the number of human beings living on it? Insects are therefore everywhere and can cause seriously harm to human beings. Over the centuries they have been one of the major carriers of diseases around the world. Everyone’s had a mosquito bit and knows the ich they cause which lasts for days. These insects bring a lot of health issues along with them. There are many dangerous diseases that have arisen due to the wide ranging spread of these insects. The major health issues like Dengue, Malaria etc. are transported by these insects. Therefore, human beings have always been worried about the terror of these insects. That is why there were inventions, new creations, which helped us to keep away these harmful insects. Insect Screens is one of those. You can easily get these insect screens installed at your place and then be safeguard yourself from these insects.

mosquito mesh abu dhabi

What is an insect screen?

An insect screen is a metal screen made up of high quality materials and is installed at various places in a villa to stop all sorts of insects entering that area. It is a very useful product as it helps you to keep these insects out of the area where you live. A lot of people have already been using these insect screens, and have got great results. These insect screens are a must for the homes where there are small kids, as small kids are more prone to the problems caused by these insects, and hence every single home which has kids should install these insect screens. They can be easily installed and the benefits are many.

How to get these insect screens repaired?

One of the questions that people often have when they buy an insect screen is how can they get their insect screen repaired if in case of a tear to the screen. So for all those people, we would like to tell that these screens are made up of high quality raw materials and hence the chances of you needing an insect screen repair Abu Dhabi are low. If you ever face any sort of problem with your insect screen, we are always there to help you out. Our team of professionals will visit you and with the help of the best quality equipment, they will repair your insect screen in no time. Our pleated screens are actually designed to make insect screen repair easy and cost effective. Unlike the traditional roll up screen which were never designed with repairs in mind. Many villas in the UAE are now over 10 years old and have been installed with these cheap Chinese roll up insect screens. These screens are failing at a high rate but many residents are replacing these screens with our pleated screen. With our great screens gaining popularity, more and more people are now contacting us to get their insect screens installed on their villas.

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With so many satisfied customers across the UAE, we can assure you we offer high quality screens with even better service at your doorstep. So do not miss the chance to save your families from these insects, and get an insect screen installed today.

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