A good lighting design should be combined with lighting control. These controls play a vital role in the lighting system because they automatically control the light output. The benefit of these controls is that you don’t need to manually turn the lights on and off as you have in the past.Our UFO high bay LED,using dimming driver and the motion sensor,so that can dimming automatically. Save your time and energy.

In order to reduce the cost of lighting, the owners usually will install external motion sensors on their outdoor lights,such as UFO High Bay Light,Shoebox street light,post top outdoor light. These sensors turn on the light when it detects any movement in the vicinity, and turns off the light if there is no movement for a few minutes. They are perfect chooice for outdoor areas that do not need to be lit all the time.

Motion sensors are typically used with photo sensors that turn off lights off as soon as they detect ambient light (like sunlight) and switch them on at night. Both types of sensors can greatly reduce energy consumption because they only turn on the lights when any motion is detected at night. They are ideal for use with LED lighting which does not take time to reach full brightness. The motion sensor usually included photocell sensor function.
Indoors, it is common to find motion sensors in the warehouse of the UFO High Bay LED.Outdoors, it is not uncommon to find a motion sensor installed on a shoebox light or post top light in a parking lot, street,dimming down the fixture in low traffic areas.