AUSTIN (July 21, 2020) – As the work to show that #BlackLivesMatter continues and as we continue to address the hostile anti-Asian rhetoric that the Asian American community has been dealing with since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, stories of Black and Asian joy seem to be more sparse than ever. Driven to change this reality, the bold new digital series, Do Better, highlights Black and Asian joy. The series, which premiered on May 28, 2020, explores how six Black and Asian best friends navigate the challenges of daily life in urban America.

Set in the San Francisco Bay area, the show uses humor to both tackle and make a social commentary on topics such as interracial relationships, income inequality, and healthcare disparities.“Since art is about exploring the human condition, I think we dehumanize those whose stories we see as worthy of only being on the margins,” series creator, Amie Darboe, said. “Even though a light is finally being put on how often Black lives are threatened and taken throughout the world, we need to see more art that shines a light on BIPOC joy. It can’t all be stories of trauma.”

The first season of the web series—which was funded in large part thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign where they raised over $10,000 to bring season one of the series to life—consists of six episodes that are now available on DoBetter.TV/watch.

“As BIPOC, we like seeing ourselves on screen as much as anyone else,” said Darboe. “However, we want to see BIPOC characters as more than just the sidekick or the character who only exists to help move the non-BIPOC protagonists’ storyline forward,” Darboe continues. “We have our own stories and experiences that should get to be told and seen as well.” Do Better tells these stories.

For more information, visit the official website, subscribe to the show’s YouTube channel, follow @DoBetterTV on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and use #DoBetterTV to talk about the show.