The worldwide lock-down that was imposed due to Corona is now lifting day by day. People are going back to their old life or what has been left of it. But students are still waiting to go back to normal days without any interruption in their studies. This is a difficult time for those who have passed X and XII board exams this year. After the circumstances arising due to the Corona period, children are bound to be worried about their future. Keeping this situation in mind, the nation’s leading digital platform, has launched “Career Khoj – A Career Guidance Series by Troopel”. In this webinar series, professionals of various career fields solve dilemmas and questions arising in the minds of the students. Notably, the participants are also offered exciting prizes on asking questions.

According to Iqbal Patel, the creative head of the channel, “’Career Khoj’ is the first webinar session in itself, in which students are given proper career guidance and are given detailed information regarding various professions like Engineering, Medical, Finance, Mass Communication, PR, Fashion, Film & TV by experienced professionals of the respective field. The live sessions are started from 9 July and will continue up to 14 August 2020. The registration of these webinars is completely free of cost.

The ‘Career Khoj’ webinar provides an opportunity for students and helps them choose the subject or course of their choice. Students often find themselves confused or anxious to find the right career to follow after completing school or graduation. ‘Career Khoj’ can prove to be very important for such young people who do not have proper guidance for making the right choice of career.

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