RDM Industrial Products Inc. is one of the most reputed and leading laboratory and industrial furniture solutions supplier and manufacturer. The company was established in 1977 and has been serving their growing clientele proudly for over 40 years. Their quality products cater to industries including healthcare, electronics, biotechnology, laboratory, industrial and more. The company is based out of California and their shipments are done all across the globe. QUALITY-SERVICE-TIMING are the company’s goals that they swear by.

Some of the products RDM product offerings include-

  • Industrial cabinets
  • Industrial carts
  • Lab fume hoods
  • Lift tables
  • Laboratory exhaust fume hoods
  • Laminar flow clean air workstations
  • And so much more

They specialize in laboratory furniture solutions and are proud custom manufacturers of quality fume hoods in the USA.

Both the RDM products – lab fume hoods and laminar air flow hoods have a few differences:

  • Use

Lab fume hoods are used when materials are likely to produce airborne particles, toxic and harmful fumes, and vapors such as volatile carcinogen, fine silica powder, benzene etc.

Whereas laminar air flow hoods are used when a contaminant free and clean environment is demanded or needs to be created.

  • Operation

With lab fume hoods, air is drawn in through the opening face of the hood, which is where the user works, and right out through the exhaust. The constant flow of air towards the face helps protect users and other laboratory members from escaping toxic fumes, particles and other hazardous vapors.

Whereas with laminar air flow hoods, air is first filtered through a HEPA filter and then blown over the working area where the user is positioned.

  • Variations and Types

Lab fume hoods are available in various distinct variations. Some of them include ductless hoods, perchloric acid hoods, radioisotope hoods and more.

On the other hand, laminar air flow hoods are of two types. They are either vertical flow or horizontal flow.

Vertical laminar air flow hoods blow clean air from the top, which is the ceiling of the cabinet, towards the working space of the user.

Whereas horizontal laminar air flow hoods blow clean air from the back face of the cabinet horizontally directly towards the user.

Both of these hood types play an important role in the safety and security of  laboratory technicians and other lab staff. They must be maintained and are only efficient when used properly.

To learn more about RDM’s laboratory and industrial products, visit their website https://www.rdm-ind.com/.

About the Company
RDM Industrial Products Inc. is a high-quality supplier and manufacturer of industrial furniture that are ideal for some of the toughest environmental conditions as well. They take pride in their customizations, endless list of quality products and timely delivery of furniture to their clients.

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