SHANE GERRY is a poet from Vermont. His passion for poetry captivates the reader. He draws his inspiration from life, and personal experience. Some may consider his work dark. Like life, it offers a wide variety. He hopes to inspire people to write.

New York, NY – Shadows of the Void seeks to inspire! It’s about desire, God, humanity, and fantasy. It talks about the problems we confront in society. It will leave the reader a raw perception of unspoken truths. It also offers a lot of abstract, fantastical concepts. It will take the reader on a thought-provoking journey that encompasses both light and darkness. It reminds us in darkness there is light. It is a voyage through worlds!

Shane Gerry has written three books. The first was titled Poetry of the Damned: Into the fire of thought. His second was titled Eternal Glow. He just released his third Book Shadows of the Void- complete poetical works. It sums up all three books into one beautiful volume of raw unfiltered work! This awe inspiring book of story poems will leave you breathless! It’s a thrilling journey of both darkness and light!