COR-TEN name is obtained from the distinguishing properties of the steel one is Corrosion Resistance and Tensile Strength.

Corten steel has a unique look and naturally, oxidising finish makes it especially desirable for many architectural applications by the corten steel fabricators. Corten steel is also known as the weathering steel that is a group of steel alloy made to reduce the need for painting and form stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the natural environment for years.
It has increased resistance to the atmospheric corrosion when compared to the other steel items and resist the corrosive effects of rain, snow, fog or other meteorological conditions by forming a coating of dark brown oxidation over the metal that penetrate deeper into the metal and have to protect it using costly rust preventive measures. In simple words, the steel can get corroded with rust and rust build a protective coating to reduce the rate of corrosion further.

Corten Steel – What not to do?

As per the corten steel fabricators, it is important to keep this material well drained and out of contact of the standing water or snow. The rusting processes that safeguards the weathering steel can drip rust coloured water onto adjacent surfaces like pavements and stain them completely.

Using corten steel, the right way

Weathering steel can be used for many daily usage items. It has become popular due to its feature so used in landscape architecture, planters and sculptures. As per a study, 2.7 facades have frequently used weathering steel on building facades as a rain screen cladding material in either flat panel format, expanded and perforated mesh.

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