Hi-tech Fence and Steel Industries, UAE is highly reputed steel fabricator who makes a huge range of fencing systems including temporary fencing systems for construction industry, factory units, airports, petrochemical industries, government installations, agriculture, warehouse and domestic applications. Their repertoire of steel fencing would include chain link fence, chain link fence products, steel fabricated gates, wire mesh partitions, welded mesh panels, concertina wire coils and HT wire fencing for highways. Chain liking fencing by Hi-tech are PVC coated and made with galvanized steel wires and fencing accessories like fence posts, railings and fittings are equally coated with weather proof epoxy coating. The chain link fencing can be expected to serve the above establishments for a long periods of time as they are made with quality steel wires and processes and protected by plastic coating that is absolutely corrosion resistant.

Custom made fencing systems for industries

The company has large number of fencing systems in Saudi Arabia to its credit and has prominently appeared it the list of Government installations and petroleum manufacturers in KSA. This highly acclaimed steel fabricator has offered highly innovative fencing solutions to both industrial and domestic use that they have permanently carved a niche for themselves in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Gulf states besides catering to overseas demands in the most time bound manner. Increased security threat to industries, homes and sensitive installations has also increased the demand for periphery protection and HI-Tech Fence has risen to the occasion with high quality fencing that are impenetrable and unbreakable.

Highway protection by hi weld fencing

Besides producing finest chain link fencing systems this NarTel, KSA affiliate also produce Hi Welded Fencing UAE solutionsfor outdoor installations, highways, military installations, agricultural sector and other such industries highly resilient crash rated fencing and gates for sensitive installations. Their range of products also includes automated steel gates for factories, warehouses and homes to handover comprehensive entry control to customers and their needs. Visit the website of the company at http://nartel-ksa.com and browse over the range of steel fencing the company has in offer. You could also talk to one of their representatives over phone and use numbers +966 555015793 or Tel: +966 11 2080072 or put up a request via email to sales@hitechfence.com.
Hi-Tech Steel and Fence Industries, Saudi Arabia, Affiliate of Nartel, KSA, is a top-end steel fabricator in the Middle East and the company offers comprehensive fencing solutions to both domestic and industrial customers.

Contact Information

Hi-Tech Steel and Fence Industries
PO BOX 325752
Riyadh 11371
Saudi Arabia
Mob: 0113 2340909, +966 555015793
Tel: +966 11 2080072
Email: sales@hitechfence.com
Website: http://nartel-ksa.com/contact.php