When you are getting to buy cloud VPS, it’s vital to understand which features are the foremost important. These will depend upon the wants and wishes of the online page or pages you would like to host.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) may be a virtual dedicated server. Dedicated servers are named this manner once they are used exclusively by a user or company. during this case, the machines, licenses, etc., belong to the hosting company that gives the simplest buy windows VPS that also assumes the management of those servers and guarantees their uninterrupted operation.

Advantages of dedicated servers:

Exclusivity: The client makes sure that each one the contracted capacity is devoted exclusively to his own Web application which the failures of other clients won’t affect the supply or speed of his website.

Total access: during this case, you’ll have full access to the server having the ability to form the required settings in order that the hosted sites work correctly.

Installing your own applications: Having the server exclusively, you’ll install your own or other applications that need special configurations and there’ll be no problem adapting the system for correct operation.

Here are a number of the foremost important features to think about before hiring a fanatical server:

Operating system:

Depending on the requirements of the online sites that are intended to be hosted, you’ll need to choose from cheap Linux VPS or Windows-based systems.

Hard disk:

The capacity of the hard disc are going to be the one that permits storing more or less information. confine mind that not only do the files on the websites take up space, email accounts and databases also need storage capacity.

Ram and processor memory:

The processing capacity and memory depend upon important factors like the speed with which the online are going to be displayed or the amount of simultaneous visits it’s going to have.


It refers to the quantity of traffic that’s transferred to both inbound and outbound. For this sort of service, the traffic is typically from many Gigabytes to unlimited.


An optimized network infrastructure with a 1Gbps connection will allow you to receive an outsized number of visits without losing speed. additionally , it’s important to possess several connectivity providers in order that within the event of any failure to possess an alternate .

Now allow us to discuss the advantages of cheap dedicated server: