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Storing food items in large quantities is often very challenging, given the fact that they have shorter shelf lives. Properly designed drums made of food-grade materials can be ideal in packing and storing edible substances in bulk amounts.


The food safe drums are a great choice when it comes to storing and packing edible substances in massive amounts. These drums manufactured with high-quality food-grade materials offer the convenience of storing bulk quantities of food items. Specially engineered packaging techniques make these drums free from any contamination and dirt, and you can store a variety of edible items for prolonged periods here. Such food drums are either made of food-grade plastic or stainless steel.

Not all large size containers are safe

Always remember that not all big size barrels or drums are appropriate for storing your food items. The drums to be suitable for storing food items must have specific quality checks and adhere to standard guidelines that qualify them to be ideal for storage of food items. Such strict quality checks ensure that the food items remain safe and free from any toxic or other chemical reaction while stored inside the drums.  

The RIC or Resin Identification Code number, which identifies the type of resin used in the manufacture of the plastic used in the food drum is an essential element to be checked. High-density polyethylene that is food safe can be used in making such drums, and edible items that come in contact with such materials are safe to ingest.

Use of the white colour

The food-grade drums and barrels usually come in white colour because the white dye used in the process, Titanium Dioxide, has been meticulously tested and found to be free from any harmful ingredients. The white matte colour also provides a stylish look to the containers, and you can use them to store materials of your choice. You can also use other colours, different printing techniques or custom printed stickers to promote your brand image on such drums.

Drums with open or closed heads

Open head food drums also known as the 1A2 drums, have a fully detachable cover secured with a lever lock ring closure or bolt. Open head drums are very handy while storing both solids and thicker liquids like oils, syrups, absorbents, glues, etc. Such drums are typically used where there is a need for frequent addition or extraction of the inside ingredients. While the tight or closed head drums, also known as 1A1 drums have a secured, non-detachable top and are usually used with lesser viscosity liquids. 

Openings or outlets

Not all food safe drums have removable lids. While some do have a top, they must also be secured with a bolt or lever lock ring closure. Such type of locks works as sealing mechanisms to ensure the safety of the items stored inside. Bolt ring is a closure ring that holds the cover on to the body of the food drum by surrounding it and the top of the container in a furrow. The ring is then tightened by a bolt that pulls both the ends of the rings together. The lever lock ring holds the cover with the help of a latch pulled from one side to the other. It applies torque to the two ring ends in a parallel fashion to the bolt ring, making it easier to store bulk edible items.