Canada will start fast-track study permit processing and is launching a
temporary 2-stage study permit process.

IRCC has just announced several significant changes to support foreign
students to pursue their studies in Canada.

International students offer vital social and economic benefits, so
Canada seeks to attract them to the country. Before the beginning of the
COVID-19 pandemic, Canada received over 640,000 foreign students.
In a news release issued recently, Immigration, Refugees, and
Citizenship Canada (IRCC) said that it would help global students as

 IRCC will start prioritizing the processing of study permits for
students who have submitted a completed application online to
process their permits very soon.

 IRCC is bound to launch a temporary 2-stage approval process for
international students who can not yet submit a completed study
permit application and want to begin their Canadian educational
program online. This interim process is available for students who
wish to start their schedule this fall and who will submit their study
permit application by September 15, 2020

 As previously reported in May, IRCC also enables students to begin
their Canadian studies online while still outside Canada and having
that time count until their Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)
eligibility as long as they submitted a study permit application if at
least 50 percent of the program is completed in Canada.
Why is IRCC encouraging international students?

IRCC says it started these steps to help international students to begin
their programs on time for the fall academic year of 2020.

IRCC understands that the global coronavirus crisis is creating
ambiguity for international students. Besides, the pandemic has affected
IRCC’s ability to process study permits fastly.

But, these new changes will encourage students to begin their programs
online this fall at a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI).
There are numerous benefits to IRCC’s changes.

Benefits for international students

International students can take comfort in starting their Canadian
program in online mode, which will guard their health and safety and, at
the same time, enable them to perform their various study, career, and
immigration goals.

If they wish to begin their studies this fall, IRCC will try to do its best to
process their study visa as soon as it can. Even if the student cannot
submit a finished study permit application, IRCC will approve of them if
they meet the requirements described below.

Students want to fly to Canada due to their high-quality education. Also,
they are fascinated by the opportunities to work in Canada during and
after their education, and possibly obtain permanent residence and
become Canadian citizens in the future.

IRCC’s new policies are meant to help such international students to
pursue such goals.

How to obtain a pre-approval for a study permit?
IRCC will give an approval-in-principle for study visas if students get
through the first stage.

In order to pass the first stage, student visa applicants must prove that:
 They have been accepted by a Canadian designated learning
institution (Canaidncollege/university )

 They have enough funds to continue their studies in Canada
 Meet all other student permit requirements

After crossing this stage, students can begin their studies online. At the
same time, if they are still abroad, then, still, this period will be counted
into their PGWP eligibility and duration (as long as they eventually
obtain a study permit).

To receive final consent for a study permit, students will require to
complete the study permit application process, such as submitting
biometrics and necessary documents such as a medical exam and a
police certificate.

Upon obtaining the final approval for their study permit, they can travel
to Canada.

It is a Win-Win Situation

International students are hugely beneficial to Canada also.
Students can seek an exceptional standard of education in one of the
world’s most accessible and diverse countries. It is also less costly to
study in Canada when compared with countries such as the United
States. Students can work while at a Canadian DLI, which can help them
support their living expenses in Canada and save for the future.
After completing their education, they can get a PGWP to get jobs in
Canada for up to three years. The professional experience they gain in
Canada can help them to achieve permanent residence and, eventually,
citizenship. Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and
several other paths are available for international students who want
immigration status.

Almost 60,000 former international students could become immigrants
each year, according to IRCC.

International students enhance the educational experience at colleges
and universities across Canada and enhance Canadian society even
further. They also contribute $22 billion annually to the economy, which
supports 170,000 Canadian jobs.

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