London, United Kingdom: Due to the risks involved and compliance requirements, organisations producing and delivering chemical products have to maintain high standards and rigorously tested processes. TEBillion makes its automation solution the TEB cloud available for organisations in the chemical industry.

TEB will help these high growth organisations manage teams and business units across multiple geographies while ensuring that sales and customer relationships are always growing. Onboarding customers will be easy, from issuing a quote to handling contracts to setting up projects and payment schedules. Meanwhile, easy access to information ensures that communication is simple and precise.

Features of TEB cloud can be tailored exclusively for the chemical industry, management of sales and multiple business units across different locations, as well as management of quoting, payment schedules, projects, bills and invoices, and most importantly contracts and frameworks. Process automation will also be customisable and work logging will be quick and easy.

TEB’s feature-set makes it simple to allocate resources effectively and manage the budget.

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About TEBillion: TEBillion is a business automation software solutions company headquartered in the UK. Born in 2018, TEBillion aims to make high growth businesses successful with over a hundred handpicked partners serving customers, worldwide.