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SECURITY UPGRADE! Touchless, No Infection
As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, it is challenging us to put new tools in place to mitigate risk going forward. Now is a good time to consider updating access control to a more secure, hands-free system that can be managed remotely with greater control and flexibility.

Pongee offers various contactless access control systems for secure and convenient security management that can be done from anywhere. Features and functionalities are all designed to enable a remote workforce and prevent the spread of harmful germs in commercial properties.

No need for users hands to touch the reader in order to unlock an entry. With Pongees’ hands-free unlock solutions users can easily unlock a secure door:
• Waterproof Contactless Infrared Sensor Exit Button [Product No. PBT-286IRA/PBT-211IRB/PBT-09IRA; PBT-22IR/PBT-30IR]
• QR Code & RFID Card Reader [Product No. PQ-510]
• Upgrade Lift Control into Touchless Button [Product No.PP-6750V/PFH-6750V(2.4GHz)/POM-24]

With Pongees’ contactless access control products, users no longer need to touch door handles, giving users germ-free, frictionless and no infection access.