In today’s time and age, health is of utmost concern for the entire human race. An appointment at a family medical primary care clinic Oregon, such as Merritt Health and Wellness, can benefit your family’s wellness.
Let’s take a look at the various services provided by Merritt Health and Wellness to better understand how they can help you.

Adolescent nutrition
The incredible rise in junk food consumption affects the health of children drastically. Since they’re young and easily attracted to unhealthy eating habits, they end up deprived of the nutrition essential for healthy growth. In many cases, such children suffer from adolescent obesity.
Merritt Health and Wellness provides treatment strategies for weight loss, as well as helps in weight maintenance to avoid any future illness.

Women’s health
Women are an integral part of your family. However, their growing age takes a serious toll on their bodies. Many women suffer from fatigue, weak bones, pelvic pains, and excessive menstrual pains as they grow older.
Merritt Health and Wellness has a team of experienced gynecologists who offer diverse treatments for women’s health.

Functional medicine
Functional medicines emphasize a medical approach where the focus of the treatment is on identifying the root of a disease. It involves understanding the cause rather than the cure of the disease to improve the patient’s overall health while treating them.
The functional medicine practitioners at Merritt Health and Wellness are experienced and caring functional medicine doctors Portland Oregon.

To sum up
The primary health care of your family is the key to achieving a healthier, illness-free future. It is thus crucial to select the best healthcare service for your loved ones. Merritt Health and Wellness is a family medical primary care clinic Oregon that provides quality primary healthcare facilities you need for yourself and your family. With high success rates and exceptional care, this medical clinic will never fail to impress you!