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When you first start thinking about creating a membership site, thoughts naturally turn to which membership plugin to use.

There are a lot of choices out there and it’s easy to become overwhelmed looking at all the different options and trying to decide which is right for you.

Content Dripping

When it comes to your content, will it be available to members straight away, will you be manually adding it during their membership, or do you want to make use of content dripping to automatically time when content is released to members?

Content dripping can be a great way of setting up your content so that it is delivered at specific times to members, which can be useful for both retention and for avoiding content overwhelm.

Payment Options

Pretty much all membership plugins will integrate with PayPal, and these days most will also integrate with Stripe, although this might require an additional add-on for some.

Email Service Options

Similar to payment options, the email marketing service that you use can impact on your choice of membership plugin.

If you’re using one of the old stalwarts like Aweber or Mailchimp then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Self Service Accounts

Not all membership plugins have the ability for members to ‘self-service’ their accounts like this however, and with some you don’t get much more than the ability to change your password.

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